:This Story About Sadio Mane :

Sadio Mane (born 10 April 1992) is a Senegalese professional footballer who has played for the English club Liverpool Football Club and the Senegal national team as an attacking player.

On that day, he made his bed room on the sidewalk and looked at the sky, wondering what would happen at the trial tomorrow morning!

He crossed the village and came to the city to promote football as his own. To arrange the football from the mind. But people can afford to leave a pair of boots.

The people on the sidewalk lying next to him asked the question, it doesn’t look like you have eaten anything!
Sleep will not come, however. He said I will not sleep until I come to the trial field tomorrow.The next day he is ready to give his all to one of the clubs in the city by investing in faith.

But the coach saw him and said leave your shoes! He said give me a chance I will give my maximum. The coach laughed. But he showed how quickly he could wrap himself up if a poor man’s back was against the wall at the trial. He showed how confident a person can be to live with a dream. The talent he showed that day and the hunger to win does not prove that he is wearing money, status, house, car, or even the shoes of a good brand.

He was surprised.
And came in the face of the coach.Well done sadio 🎀

He started the dream race one after another difficult test from his mind. Sadio never won a match by hating the opponent, breaking the defense in love one by one the way he dreamed of darling poverty from childhood. Sadio has never touched the sky with his self-portrait, but after being extraordinary and putting himself on the ground, he has repeatedly shown that I am still the sweet boy of that village.

He has built countless schools for himself instead of luxurious houses, because he did not get education in his time, he knows everyone in their village fights for hunger, he knows how much education a school can sow.

He did not buy his own clothes and fill his cupboards, but distributed them to the villagers of his country. He knows how the harsh sun has ruled over their black skin and left them naked.

He did not decorate himself by buying a Rolex watch like the others, he brought a roof for the people of his village and decorated their house.
He did not show off by buying expensive aircraft.
He has arranged school buses for countless school students, provided them with two handfuls of rice.

He is a Liverpool superstar but never wanted to buy an iPhone to satisfy his hobbies. He has been hospitalized in his country because he has seen how people die without treatment and how their tears are mixed in the dust.

He is black, not very pretty to look at.
But you know, when he puts a smile on his black face, he feels a different peace.
When he smiles, let the people of his country bless him and let that smile live forever.
When he smiles, the children of that school are satisfied.

Saadi and an inspirational book
Yes, the book is black. But if you turn the page, you will be surprised, educated, cry, understand what life is? You know what people say.

Saadi also said: –
Once I can no longer play football. Old age will come. Shortness of breath will occur. But house, car, watch, phone will not save me. Maybe I will survive on the breath of these people. I am not educated. So maybe I understood the importance of education. Maybe I understood the real meaning of life because I was poor. But the educated people in the world today may not understand the importance of education. If you understood, you would not go to sleep at night without eating so many starving children in the world. People do not become prisoners of luxury in this way day by day.

He is Liverpool’s biggest earner.
Whose annual income is about ৭ 11.6 million.
But he thinks less of himself because when he closes his eyes, he sees the helpless people.

He is now the star that touches the sky.
But he was the first to meet a friend who had spent the night lying on the sidewalk.

He is one of the many qualities but do you know his best quality? He wants to be normal.

He would have won one match after another and said that I would win more, build more schools and hospitals, procure rice and give it to them.

Sa diyo means!
If I really understand the meaning of Saadi, I will gasp. But today every citizen of his country wants Saadi to understand the meaning of the name Ta, to make himself an ideal like Saadi.

Because one of the definitions of the true car of life is simple and meaning

Happy birthday is a beautiful part of the ideal
Be good be healthy And in this way explain the meaning of life. 🎀