Know the real truth of Elf of Luck ?

Know the real truth of Elf of Luck-

(Some thinks elf of luck photo has negative effects on life)
Elf of luck literally means a creature with special powers with small narrow ears. To see a creature survive is to look a lot like a person with special magic or power in the western world. There is a huge controversy on social media about this film. Many people say that sharing the picture may change your destiny or many people are forbidding you to share the picture because sharing the picture may harm you. Much like the various messages on WhatsApp that you share this message between 10 or twenty people, good news will come to you in a few days. This photo has been uploaded on various Facebook pages on social media especially Facebook and has been asked to share the photo. However, one thing is clear here that if you share the picture, whether your destiny changes or not, the Facebook pages will gain popularity using you. If sharing a photo changed your destiny, people wouldn’t work so hard anymore. But whether you share the picture is up to you.