Princess Karshiang of the mountains! Take a tour if you have time, a beautiful place with a historical place.

If Darjeeling is the queen of the hills, then Karshiang is definitely the princess of the hills. Karshiang, a country of white orchids, is a well-known town in Darjeeling district. This city is not offbeat at all, but it is full of eternal nostalgia for the Bengalis.The streets of this city know the hidden heart of the traveling Bengali. It is a strangely beautiful environment all year round, but Karshiang in the rainy season is an enchanting beauty. The toy train passed by the busy city in the lurking of the cloud-fog. This scene is beautiful and eye-catching. So there is nothing new to write about Karshiang. As soon as I heard the name Karshiang, the ‘railing on the edge of the ditch’ came to my mind. Many people come here for two or three days vacation. There is no shortage of hotels or homestays. There are places to stay at different rates. Find Astana as you wish and as much as you can. But the homestay that I will look for is like an address drawn in a brush. The toy train flew away with the smoke. And the hospitality is just as beautifully arranged. So if the wheel of your car ever goes to Karshiang uneasily, you can definitely spend two days here.

There is no shortage of places to visit or hang out from Karshiang. Visit the numerous tea gardens, Ambatiya Shiva Temple, Deer Park, Eagles Cave, Forest Museum etc. Makaibari tea garden is a must visit. This garden is the best tea in the world. In addition, you can visit Netaji Subhash Cabin and Museum, Karshiang Station, Dowhill, St. Mir’s Church, Chimney View Point, Bagora Forest. You must like the creepy nature of Dowhill.

How to go?

The distance from New Jalpaiguri station to Karshiang is 48 km.
Small car rental – 1800-2000 / –
Big Car – 2600-3000 / –