Top 4 Best Hospital in South India 2021

Many of us are worried about our medical system, we can’t find the right treatment. Many people die due to lack of proper treatment. So for everyone’s convenience, today I will share the details of some of the most famous hospitals in India. Which will benefit everyone and you can benefit others by sharing the post. If you have money, you can get very good treatment in a short time. And if you don’t have money, you can get good treatment even if it takes a little time. South India is one of the leading medical centers in India. The state of Tamil Nadu is one of them. The state has one of the five best medical institutions or hospitals in India.
You can visit any one of these five hospitals with your eyes closed and you need to read the full report to know which hospital has the best medical system.

1. Apollo Hospitals: –
Apollo Hospital is one of the best hospitals in South India i.e. Chennai. However, compared to other hospitals in South India, the cost is a little higher, but you can get treatment here in a very short time. So if someone wants to get good treatment in a short time. Then this hospital for them. The hospital has world class equipment and advanced medical facilities.
Stay-eat: –
The most common problem when it comes to treatment in South India is language. But if you know a little bit of Hindi or English then you won’t have much of a problem. And you will find many Bengali hotels near Apollo Hospital in South India. Where you can eat rice, pulses, fish at very low prices. There are also separate hotels if you think you can cook and eat by yourself and from all these hotels you can rent utensils at very low prices.

Time: –
If you do not go for very complicated treatment, then it will take 8 to 10 days. However, if you go for any operation, then you have to take a minimum of 20 days.

Address –
Apollo Hospitals, Greams Road
21, Greams Lane
Off Greams Road
Chennai – 600006
Phone – + 91-44-28290200 / + 91-44-28293333
+ 91-44-28294429

2. Sri_Ramachandra_Medical_Center: –
If you do not have much money, you can go to this hospital for treatment. This hospital is not very crowded due to lack of special name or acquaintance. However, the medical system of this hospital is improved and you can go here. This hospital was established in 1985.

Address –
The hospital is located 16 km from Chennai Central Railway Station.
Sri Ramachandra Medical Center
No.1 Ramachandra Nagar, Porur
Chennai, Tamil Nadu,

3. CMC of Vellore: –
South India for better medical care in less time or at lower cost. And one of the medical centers of South India is the CMC of Vellore. Numerous hotels and lodges have sprung up around the CMC of Vellore. For which you will not have a problem if you go for treatment here. However, it takes a little longer than other hospitals to treat you for the overcrowding at this Vellore CMC. However, you will not have any doubts about the medical system here. It has world-class equipment and well-designed medical facilities
Ida Scudder Road, Vellore, Tamil Nadu 632004
Phone: 0416 228 1000

4. Sri Narayani Hospital & Research Center :-

If you want to get good treatment at low cost and in less time then you have this hospital after Vellore CMC Hospital. The distance of this hospital from CMC of Vellore is not very long. However, as the hospital does not have much of an acquaintance, the crowd here is less than that of Vellore CMC. However, you can close your eyes and go to this hospital for your treatment.
Address –
Sri Narayani Hospital & Research Center
Azad Road, Sripuram, Thirumalaikodi, Vellore, Tamil Nadu 632055
Phone: 0416 220 6301

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