What Is Halloween and Definition, Origin, History, & Facts

What Is Halloween and Definition, Origin, History, & Facts

Various festivals are celebrated all over the world. The style of celebration of each festival is different. Again the festival is celebrated on the basis of race, religion, language, region, country. But all the festivities that joy
Not that. Some festivals are for joy, some are for sorrow, some are for establishing a relationship with the old soul. And this Halloween festival is celebrated especially in America, England and European countries. This Halloween festival originated in Ireland and Scotland. Again, the last day of the Celtic calendar is considered to survive this day. Celtics start the year with this day as a New Year’s greeting. The night of October 31 is considered Halloween and people are in a state of panic. At this time people think that the distance between the spiritual world and the world is reduced. And they try to harm people.
The pumpkin is hollowed out to make eyes, nose and inside it a candle is lit and hung on a tree outside the house. It is then buried. In the western world this festival is celebrated in a very lavish manner. On this day. However, people on the day of the festival
Wearing all kinds of new clothes, but in this festival people wear clothes and make-up so that others are afraid of them. Every year this festival is celebrated only on the night of 31st October. The people of Christianity celebrate this day with great pomp and ceremony. On this day, it is believed that the decoration outside the house on this day should not be ruined. Otherwise the results may be inauspicious.

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